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A Beanbag for Flo.

The Brethren of St David’s 393 had the pleasure of making a charitable donation, to a local girl from Norham, to help purchase a special bean bag to aid in her day-to-day care.

Flo (aged 5) is a happy, little ray of sunshine and is loved by everyone who knows her. She has the most infectious laugh and is known to light up the room. However, she has a diagnosis of FOXG1 syndrome. This is a severe neuro developmental genetic disorder, which comes with many challenges. Flo is severely disabled, has epilepsy, a gastrostomy feeding tube, suffers with reflux, bowel issues and visual impairment. Her diagnosis also means that she has a movement disorder, she has very uncontrollable movements, so needs full support when sitting, standing and even lying down.


Pictured above, Charity Steward Bro Kevin Laidlaw, Florence, WM Rob Brown and Florence's mum Kayleigh Tait.

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